Kansas State uncertain about tuition assistance program

Kansas State Wildcats

Some students are wondering how they’re going to pay for classes next semester.
Kansas State University financial director Larry Moeder says there’s an issue with the National Guard Tuition Assistance Program that’s leaving many students in the dark.
Moeder reads the startling e-mail he received several weeks ago about the program that helps many soldiers get an education.
“We did initially find out it was cancelled with a one day notice so that caught a lot of students off guard,” he says.
Due to sequester cuts, the Department of Defense decided to end the National Guard program, which had been providing soldiers with up to $4,500 a year for school. A week ago, Moeder got good news – the program is being reinstated.
“We started hearing from students and letting students know that that reinstatement was taking place, but that we really didn’t know all of the details yet on whether it was going to be full reinstatement or just partial,” he says.
That means as the 140 soldiers go online to register for classes in the next few weeks, they still don’t know if they have the funds to pay for it.
“I think there is concern on their part that a lot of the students are sort of taking a wait and see, but they are in the process of still picking their classes,” Moeder says.
People at the Registrar’s Office say that’s a good idea.
“Choose your classes and then you have the chance, before classes start, to drop those classes so you get 100%,” says Administrative Specialist Sharon Hauck.
That would five about four months to wait and see, but Moeder says that still gives students an uneasy feeling.
“A lot of the military people taking the classes also have families, and so finding that extra $2,000 dollars out of the budget isn’t an easy thing for anyone to do.”
Moeder stresses that this issue does not include the GI Bill, which covers tuition for veterans. He says that has not been affected by sequester cuts.

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