ALCO Stores moving headquarters to Dallas

ABILENE, Kan. (AP) ALCO Stores, Inc. announced today that the company will be moving its corporate headquarters from Abilene, Kan. To Coppell, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.
“Today’s challenging business climate and highly competitive retail landscape require that we locate our headquarters in a metropolitan center”, said Chief Executive Officer Rich Wilson. “The Dallas location provides easy access to many of our stores, other major retailers and transportation for our employees and business partners.”

The transition of the central office will take place during the month
of June. The corporate headquarters move does not affect ALCO’s store
in Abilene, or the Distribution Center in Abilene. As previously
announced, the Company will consider the feasibility of adding a second
distribution facility to lower freight expense and better serve its
store network, but no change is anticipated for the balance of the

“Retailing today requires fast response, constant
innovation, and deep commitment from our vendor partners. While ALCO
has been located in Abilene, Kansas, since its inception, relocating to
a more accessible location for our vendors is critical. In addition,
our ability to attract and retain executive level leadership will be
enhanced in the Dallas area,” said Wilson.

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