‘Afghanistan-Hearts & Minds Adventures’

Students of the Topeka Collegiate will be participating in an interactive, trans-national curriculum called “Afghanistan-Hearts & Minds Adventures.” The program was developed by Minnesota nonprofit Children’s Culture Connection. Topeka Collegiate will represent Kansas and join students across the country where they will learn about Afghan history, life and culture through the eyes of Afghan teenagers.

The purpose of the program is to take American middle school students on a “living social studies adventure” that helps them better understand the complexities of inter-cultural interactions, as well as more closely examine their own unique cultural values.

“Afghanistan remains a world conundrum, but by taking a lighter approach to a heavy global issue we create a portal for young people to connect to it; where they can peel back the layers and examine why things are the way they are; to see, think, ask, and question the status quo,” says Dina Fesler. “By taking this journey with other U.S. teens, kids gain perspective on who they are as ‘Americans,’ and can more effectively examine their relationships with other cultures– whether those cultures are across the world, across the country, or across town.”

The program lasts from April 15 until May 20.

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