Governor signs bill on drug-testing for certain state assistance programs

KSNT File Photo

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Kansans who get cash-assistance or unemployment benefits – will soon have to go through drug screening.

That was one of two bills signed by Governor Sam Brownback Tuesday morning.

The testing – which starts on July 1st,  would happen if the state thinks there’s a reasonable suspicion someone is using a controlled substance.

If that person came up with a positive drug test…  he or she would have to complete a substance abuse treatment program and a job skills program.

Continued positive drug tests could stop the assistance from the state.

“This starts to address a significant issue and I’m particularly please too is that it particularly goes to to break the cycle and try to help people break out of a very difficult lifestyle that too often people get hooked into an addicted to,” Governor Sam Brownback said.

The other bill cracks down on on street gangs, making it a crime to accept payments from such groups.

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