Work Zone Awareness

Photo Credit: KTRE-TV (Raycom Media)
Photo Credit: KTRE-TV (Raycom Media)

This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week and State officials want motorists to use caution when driving through highway construction areas.

The State Department of Transportation kicked off the Awarness Campaign at their Oakland area office. K-Dot says more than 1,700 accidents occurred in work zones across the state and eight workers were killed. The most recent accident involved the death of a southeast Kansas man who was struck and killed by a Topeka motorist last August in a construction zone near I-470 and 21st street.

K-Dot Secretary Mike King says one of the biggest hindrances to worker safety is something most of us have with us at all times.

“Way too often the cell phone is what the distraction is, says King. Whether you’re talking on the phone, whether you’re looking at it, or whether you’re actually trying to text or read an email when you’re driving, we have to learn to put these away; hide them if we have to, put them in the glove box so you’re not tempted to look at it when you get that email or text.”

Fines for speeding violations are double in work zones according to K-Dot. The Awareness Campaign runs through Friday.

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