2013 Neighborhood Summit this Saturday

The public is encouraged to join City and community leaders at the 2013 Neighborhood Summit, 10 a.m. to Noon, Saturday, April 20, at the Downtown Ramada Inn, 420 SE 6th Avenue.  Mayor Larry Wolgast and City Manager Jim Colson will be leading the event, with honorary co-chairs Barry Feaker, Executive Director of the Topeka Rescue Mission, and Sally Zellers, a neighborhood expert and leader of the Rescue Mission’s Neighborhood Empowerment and Transformation (NET) Reach ministry.

The event will feature breakout sessions that encourage creative discussion about all Topeka neighborhoods.  Participants will share their thoughts on what’s working, what can improve, and what a great Topeka neighborhood should look like in the future.  The City’s management team will facilitate discussion and breakout sessions.   We want to meet you and hear your ideas!  We’ll also bring you a look at what area students of all ages had to say about their neighborhoods, and what’s vital to them.

The Summit will feature an expert panel consisting of Mayor Wolgast, Jim Colson, Barry Feaker & Sally Zellers.  The four will discuss major points and priorities listed in breakout sessions.  They will also discuss how the City can partner with residents to build a stronger community, neighborhood by neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Summit will wrap up with an outline of the next steps for the community, and when you can expect the next Summit.

The event is free & everyone is invited.

City staff will be available at the event to answer specific questions from residents.  If you can’t make it and have a question or concern, please call us at (785) 368-4470, or email citycommunications@topeka.org.


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