Washburn Rural High School establishes National Technical Honor Society

Washburn Rural High School has established a charter with the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Washburn Rural is the one out of six schools in the state of Kansas that offer this opportunity. NTHS’s vision is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

The National Technical Honor Society helps to lift up and publicly recognize men and women committed to excellence, values, courage, and achievement. The first induction into NTHS will be in the Fall 2013 school year. Two students from each Career and Technical Education Pathway (CTE) will be nominated by the CTE staff. The selection process to become an official member of NTHS includes a personal interview and essay written by the student nominated.

NTHS and Washburn Rural consist of mainly six pathways of career and technical education. Agriculture, Journalism, Business, Construction, FACS (Family & Consumer Science), and STEM (Biomedical Science). The benefits of becoming involved with NTHS are the help of schools building and maintaining active partnerships with local business and industry. NTHS also helps involvement with local service learning with the community, along with helping its members in finding careers in today’s highly competitive workplaces. With the help of NTHS, Washburn Rural students involved with CTE programs will be able to receive great opportunities to help them in future college educations and beyond. “With NTHS, it is a great way to build their resume,” stated Brian McFall, NTHS sponsor.

Because the faculty at WRHS greatly desires to enter students into the NTHS program, they humbly ask for any financial aid from business around Topeka to help support the students who have earned to be a part of the National Technical Honor Society.

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