Wildcats enter Spring Game with quarterback battle

Kansas State Wildcats

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COURTESY: K-State Sports Information

Head Coach Bill Snyder
On if the spring game will start out with ones against twos…
“I normally decide that on Friday after practice. It will be defined by how we practice. There is not anything that would tell me that it would be dramatically different than anything that we have done. Last year the purple team was ones and the white team was twos, threes, and fours. Very likely it could be that way, but I am not dead set on that yet.”

On what he has seen from the quarterbacks this week…
“It is pretty much the same. Yesterday was not a real good day for either one of them. I thought our defense played reasonably well yesterday, and practiced reasonably well and looked better than we did offensively. I think that nothing has really changed in terms of quarterbacks. They have their good moments and not so good moments, both of them and both of them have done some very fine things. Both of them have done things that they would like to have back, and I would like for them to have them back.”

On how well Jake Waters has engrained himself in the offense…
“Well I think he has. I think everybody has been pleased with the progress that he has made. Like I said, it is ebbs and flows, but he is an intelligent young guy, works diligently at it, and mechanically he is sound. What he does, he is learning the process, learning how to make decisions in an environment, schematic references different than what he is accustom to. Not that everything is different, I do not mean that, but no matter where you go from one place to another the systems will be a little bit different. Ours is and he works diligently to learn all of it. He certainly is making some mistakes based on not having enough experience in the system. I am pleased with the good things that he does.”

On the overall progress of this week and being happy with it…
“Well I do not think about being happy or not, and as a head coach you cannot be happy because we work good on good virtually all the time. If your offense is doing well then your defense is not so you cannot be happy about that and vise versa. Probably the reason we do that is so when I come in here I do not have to go one way or the other with it. I can talk right down the middle of everything and that becomes an accurate assessment. I think yes we have scrimmaged early this week, not a full scrimmage, but a portion of the practice. I think nothing really is any different where the competition is. It has remained that, not necessarily because two guys at one position are going downhill, but I think they are making some progress and consequently doing it at about the same pace, therefore keeping the competition alive. For the rest of it, I think it is the same thing. Offense has really practiced well one day and the defense might practice well the next day. It was taken on that role, and it is not totally a bad thing one side or the other. In fact I look at it in such a way that it can be a little bit more positive by saying if the offense has a bad day and the defense does well, and the offense comes back and has a dominant day the next one, it means that there was some inspiration and they were responding well to not having performed as well from the previous day. So I can see that as a positive. It tells me that they are sensitive to trying to improve, playing as well as they can, and have some spirit about them in regards to not excepting a poor performance.”


Junior Quarterback Jake Waters

On being a student of the game and studying film…

“Every ounce of free time, I’m either studying film or picking my teammates’ brains just trying to learn this offense as fast as possible and pick up every little thing that I can.”

On what he wants to get out of the spring game
“It is just another opportunity to go out and get better, having another chance to go out there with the guys and have fun and play football. I’m just trying to go out there and get comfortable with the players and the offense. We are also looking forward to playing in front of the fans and being in that atmosphere.”

On what he does best…

“Coach (Del) Miller could probably tell you better than I could, because I just try to go out there and give it my all every single snap and always be there for my teammates and be a good leader. I think I can do some good stuff throwing and running wise, but the coaches are the best judges with that.”

On spending time with Collin Klein…

“Having a guy like Collin around is great, he is obviously one of the greatest players ever here at K-State. He has been more than happy to help me and I have just been picking his brain just like anyone else because he knows this offense better than anyone, he is like a coach out there. He has been nice enough to spend some film time with me and helping me in any way possible, so I have been learning a lot from him.”

On the quarterback battle…

“It is fun. As a competitor that is all you can ask for, just having a chance to go out there and compete. Daniel (Sams) will tell you the same thing, we are going to go out there and having fun. Anything that he sees he is telling me and anything that I see I’m telling him, so we are constantly helping each other. But at the same time we each want to win the job, be a leader, and make the team better.”

Senior Linebacker Tre Walker

On the progress of the front seven…

“I think that they have done a great job. There is a lot of insulation going in, a lot of new plays, and with that it just takes responsibility. There have been a lot of new guys coming in to play, so they need to learn those new plays and how it fits within the scheme, but I think that they have done a great job and they are very coachable and it has shown in our scrimmages.”


On Arthur Brown being a potential first round pick in the NFL draft…

“I’m hoping he goes in the first round. I actually talked to him this morning and I’m so excited for him. I hope he goes to the Chiefs so I can see him all the time but wherever he goes, I will be rooting for him.”

On Chris Harper’s emotions heading into the NFL Draft this weekend…

“I talked to Chris (Harper) right before I came here and he is the same way, (as Arthur) just relaxing with his family, and excited for the opportunity. I think that Chris is going to surprise a lot of people where he goes. He is such a great athlete. Definitely an NFL receiver, definitely a top pick.”
Junior Wide Receiver Curry Sexton

On having two different styles of quarterback competing for the starting role…
“It’s a win-win situation because you have two guys who can lineup on Saturday and go out there and win you a game. It’s different for us because you had #7 (Collin Klein) lining up under center and you knew what to expect and now you lineup and you might have Jake (Waters) or you might have Daniel (Sams). They are different types of quarterback so you have to adjust to their strengths and weaknesses. I think anyone would tell you that we would like to have a guy set in stone but at this time they both are competing really well and neither one has separated themselves, but that is a good problem to have because they are going to push each other throughout the summer. Whereas, if you have one guy he might have the tendency to slack a little bit because he know that he has the job. But the two guys competing for it they have to go out there and give it their best to prevent the other guy to get a leg up and that is important for us because it will just make the team better.”
On Jake Waters’ prominence on campus…
“I think people recognize him but he is one of the most humble kids I’ve been around, he deflects everything, kind of how Collin (Klein) handled himself; that’s how Jake (Waters) is. He handles everything really well, he interacts with people if they try to talk with him, he is real humble, and he is real shy to be honest with you. People recognize him from being on all the news channels, but he treats himself as if he was just another guy on campus.”

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