‘South Park’ creator skips Kauai court hearing

HONOLULU (AP) — Trial has been delayed for a man accused of burglarizing “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker’s home on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, after Parker didn’t show up for a recent hearing.

Parker was subpoenaed to testify in the first-degree burglary case against former Kauai police officer Joseph Bonachita, who’s accused of breaking into Parker’s Wailua home in 2009. Bonachita is also accused of threatening Parker and a woman with a knife.

When Parker missed a hearing last week, a warrant was issued. But Kauai Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar said Friday that the warrant was never sent to police because Parker contacted the prosecutor’s office and explained he had scheduling issues.

“He had been served with a subpoena,” Kollar said. “He should have been in court.”

The judge delayed the trial until June 3.

Mark Zenger, a Kauai attorney representing Parker, said Friday that Parker wasn’t aware he had to appear in person and the trial would have been delayed anyway for other reasons.

“Had he actually flown out here he would have essentially flown out here for no reason,” Zenger said. “I guess you could call it no harm, no foul.”

Parker will be on the island for a hearing May 29, and depending on how things go at that hearing, the trial will begin June 3, and Parker will be there for that as well, Zenger said.

“He got his wires crossed on this last hearing,” Zenger said. “He was apologetic in the extreme to all concerned.”

Bonachita’s defense attorney, Michael Soong, said in court he’s concerned the accommodation may not allow enough time for hearings on motions before the trial, the Garden Island reported.

Bonachita, who wasn’t an officer at the time of the break-in, is free on bail. Plea negotiations have been unsuccessful, Kollar said.

Parker continues to live part-time at his Kauai home, Zenger said. An episode of his animated TV series last year poked fun at Kauai’s part-time residents.


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