Gentle snowmelt, little precipitation help ease Fargo flood worries

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The National Weather Service says the Red River appears to have crested about 50 miles upstream of Fargo, North Dakota, and it isn’t a top 10 flood.

Forecasters say gentle snowmelt and little precipitation are helping keep levels below the predicted crests. Forecasters have said the Red River in Fargo should crest in the 37- to 39-foot range, which has led volunteers to sandbag about 200 homes.

Fargo residents battled three straight major floods beginning with a record crest of 40.84 feet in 2009.

Meanwhile, the weather service is warning that strong thunderstorms could hit eastern Arkansas with hail, high winds and flooding this afternoon.

An in Indiana, Red Cross volunteers have been distributing cleanup kits, including chloride, gloves, mops, brooms and bottled water, to residents affected by flooding along the Wabash River.

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