State Unveils New Agriculture Campaign

From the Land of Kansas


“From the Land of Kansas”
Governor Sam Brownback and Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman rolled out a new slogan for the state’s agricultural exports Saturday at the Statehouse.  They enlisted some star power to get the campaign rolling; current Green Bay Packer and former Kansas State Wildcat Jordy Nelson was on hand to help celebrate the start of the new marketing effort.

The new slogan for the state’s agricultural products will help consumers identify locally-produced food.   “This gives [consumers] an easy way to see whats from Kansas, that they can buy locally that they can go to a restaurant that’s marketing Kansas products,” Brownback said.  He added that the new slogan aims to capitalize on a growing trend of people looking to buy food grown and produced close to their homes.

“When this opportunity came to be a part of it to promote agriculture, promote Kansas, and help businesses in Kansas from farming to having a restaurant like my family does,” Nelson said he was eager to support the effort.

The “From the Land of Kansas” campaign will officially begin the summer of 2013.

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