Gerry Vernon resigns as Junction City’s City Manager

In an announcement today, Gerry Vernon resigned as City Manager for the City of Junction City effective May 31, 2013.  Mr. Vernon began work for Junction City in January 2010.

Mr. Vernon has accepted an offer to be the new City Administrator for the City of Mission, Kan.  According to Gerry, “A person’s career takes many twists and turns for its duration.  I was at a fork in my career path and decided to take another path that allows me to reconnect with my family.  I will truly miss Junction City, the City Commission, City Staff, and all the great friends that I made during my stay here.  We all went on a tremendous ride that now will make a brief stop to change drivers.  At this point, Junction City is more stable and economically viable than before.  I will always be appreciative of Junction City’s tremendous response to solve its fiscal crisis.  Much work remains but a new City Commission is eager to begin their work in continuing its progress.

The Mission City Council will confirm Mr. Vernon’s appointment at their May 15th Council Meeting.  His first day will be Monday, June 3, 2013.

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