Visit Topeka offers new, exciting way to play Bingo

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Topeka is kicking off a fun summer game to help residents and visitors explore unique locations and attractions while offering the chance to win prizes.

Visit Topeka Bingo is played by visiting featured locations to get a bingo sticker and marking at least five squares in a row on the bingo card. Cards returned to the Visit Topeka office by July 31, 2013 will be eligible for a prize drawing.

“Visit Topeka is excited to announce Visit Topeka Bingo as our summer fun campaign,” said  Shalyn Murphy, marketing and communication director of Visit Topeka Inc. “Each year, thousands of people visit Topeka because they have friends and family that live here or in the area. Visit Topeka Bingo is an excellent way for people to explore our city, have fun and discover something new.”

National Travel and Tourism Week, a tradition that started in 1984 which allows for communities to champion the power of tourism during the first full week of May each year. National Travel and Tourism Week is the perfect time to celebrate the travel and tourism industry, which is a powerhouse in the state of Kansas.

In 2011, Kansas received 32 million visitors which generated $8 billion in tourism spending. The average visitor to Kansas spent $236. In terms of jobs, tourism is the third largest industry in the state and employs 148,228 Kansans, approximately 10 percent of the population. Every 217 visitors create a new job in Kansas.

As Topeka’s official convention and visitors bureau, Visit Topeka Inc. is dedicated to improving the area economy through marketing the region as an exceptional destination for meetings, events, sports and tourism. Visit Topeka Inc. is committed to advocating for community development that will not only attract more visitors, but will enhance the community’s quality of life.

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