Shawnee County Health Agency investigating chicken pox outbreak

The Shawnee County Health Agency (SCHA) is investigating several cases of varicella, also known as chicken pox.
Chicken pox is a highly contagious, vaccine-preventable disease that is spread through droplets in the air, typically when someone coughs or sneezes.

Symptoms of chicken pox include a rash that turns into itchy, fluid-filled blisters that eventually turn into scabs.  Typically it will take one week for blisters to become scabs. Other symptoms that may occur 1- 2 days prior to the rash include high fever, tiredness, loss of appetite and headache.

The best way to prevent chicken pox is to be vaccinated.  If someone thinks they may have chicken pox, they should contact their primary care doctor.
Chicken pox vaccinations, may be obtained through SCHA in the immunization department, 1615 SW 8th, during regular business hours. No appointment is needed.

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