Evening sky with sun dogs and halos over Northeast Kansas

With high clouds positioned overhead, the Northeast Kansas sky gave several treats to weather watchers. These clouds, made up a ice crystals, were able to refract the sun’s light into a halo.

May 21 - Sun Dog in Shawnee County Leonard & Irene Cardwell     May 21 - Sun Dog near Wamego Michelle Fassler

(Photos above by Leonard & Irene Cardwell of Shawnee County and Michelle Fassler of Wamego)

In addition to the halo, two bright prisms of light appeared on each side of the sun, right at the halo. These features appear to be like small rainbow segments in the clouds. The name of this optical effect is called a sun dog–so named as over time they follow alongside the sun, just as a well-trained dog might do.

These same clouds gave a final treat with a spectacular sunset as the evening wound down.

May 21 - Sunset in Meriden Gary Bond

(Photo above by Gary Bond of Meriden)

– Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller

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