Mayor announces support for Oklahoma

TOPEKA, Kan. – Mayor Larry Wolgast shared words of support with those affected by the tragedy in Oklahoma:

“Our thoughts go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma, and everyone affected by the tragic events,” Mayor Larry Wolgast said.  “It’s devastating to see so much wreckage and pain so close to home, and it brings to mind the devastation Topeka experienced in 1966.  When we see a tornado ravage another Midwestern state, we Kansans can’t help but think of our own lives and families.  We remember the help we received during that time, and want to return the kindness.  As we learn more about the needs of that area, the City of Topeka will respond in every appropriate way.  This is a long-term effort, and we will be here to help in any way possible.”

City crews are ready to be deployed to the Oklahoma City area, awaiting activation from Governor Sam Brownback.  Crews include first responders, firefighters and police officers.

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