Outsmarting card skimming scammers

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Scammers are on to something called “card skimming” where they can get steal access to your credit or debit cards….when you swipe your plastic.

We check out the ways you can keep your financial info safe and how businesses are using technology to keep away fraud.

Busy, high-traffic areas…makes the perfect storm for scammers.

“I would definitely be worried about it. I really don’t pay much attention to it, though. That is a big concern though,” consumer Christian Epshteyn said.

“I do think it is something we need to be aware of and I try to remember and think and look for it….but, usually in a race,” consumer Brenda Price said.

Card-skimming is forcing businesses to get smarter about technology.

“That’s the key to these skimmers being so successful..is that they don’t appear particularly out of the norm for consumers,” Sarah Shute with Capitol Federal said.

Capitol Federal says it hasn’t seen any of these devices on their machines…but it’s something their employees constantly monitor ATM’s to watch out for.

“One thing is an insert that goes on top of the card reader. That is usually just placed on top of and captures information as the card is being inserted into the machine. The second thing to look for is a pin overlay – and that’s just a device that goes on-top of the key pad that captures the pin information. And the third thing that consumers should watch out for is called a pin-hole camera. and those are usually incased in a device and adhere to the machine. So, it can be a pamphlet holder, or a little mirror – things of that nature that are just looking down and capturing the pin,” Shute said.

There are a couple things you can do to make sure, when you get to an ATM or a gas pump – that it’s safe. Make sure there is no device taped or adhered to the card reader..and also when you enter in your pin, make sure to put your hand over the key pad to keep that information from being seen.

Some banks are moving to chip cards to provide more protection.

Capitol Federal is doing that along with upgrading ATM’s.

But – as “tech savvy” as scammers are getting….keeping your financial info safe, starts with some old-fashioned vigilance.

“I’ve read enough about it being a reality. It’s something everyone should take a second or two to make sure the machine is working properly,” consumer Ed O’Rear said.
“I think you have to do what you can – and be cautious,” Price said.

Capitol Federal says if customers see anything unusual on their account – and think it may be fraudulent, they have 30 to 60 days to make a report.

Depending on the case and transaction – the charge can be reversed.

Make sure to check with your bank or credit card company on its policies.

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