Warning Sirens in Auburn was just testing

Today during the noon hour it was reported that the Outdoor Warning Sirens in Auburn were sounding. This sounding was a short burst that was the result of a contractor working on the system. This is part of a process which ensures that all sirens remain in 100% working order, especially when Shawnee County is going to be impacted by severe weather.

Shawnee County Emergency Management would like to encourage the residents to take the opportunity to prepare for the potential of quickly developing storms that have devastating effects.

It is important to have a redundant warning system, such as NOAA “All Hazard” radios, Immediate Response Information System (IRIS), personal mobile device applications, commercial radio and television. Regardless of the method of warning, you should take appropriate action immediately when a warning is issued.

The sirens WILL NOT be utilized to indicate an “all clear.” If a siren is heard, you should continue to take cover.

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