Witnesses describe rumbling sound as building collapsed

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Witnesses say they heard a loud rumbling sound immediately before today’s collapse of a four-story building that was being demolished in Philadelphia.

The city’s fire commissioner says the collapse injured 13 people and trapped one other person.

One woman who was on the fifth floor of an apartment building across the street says she was looking out her window, watching the work on the building, and “heard something go kaboom.” Veronica Haynes says she saw ‘the whole side of the wall fall down” onto a neighboring building.

Two men who’d been working on a roof of a nearby building heard what sounded like two loud bangs or explosions. They immediately ran down the scaffolding and helped pull out two women and a man.

One of them says he “knew it was going to happen” because of the methods being used to tear down the building. Patrick Glynn says, “For weeks they’ve been standing on the edge knocking bricks off.” He says, “You could just see it was ready to go at any time.”

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176-c-16-(Kathy Matheson, AP correspondent Kathy Matheson reports)-”down the building”-AP correspondent Kathy Matheson reports some roofers she spoke with said they’d been worried about the way the brick building was being demolished. (5 Jun 2013)

<<CUT *176 (06/05/13)>> 00:16 “down the building”

175-c-12-(Kathy Matheson, AP correspondent)-”alive he said”-AP correspondent Kathy Matheson reports a man in a white pickup was driving past the building when a wall and a sign fell on his truck. (5 Jun 2013)

<<CUT *175 (06/05/13)>> 00:12 “alive he said”

173-s-14-(Kathy Matheson, AP correspondent)-”is completely collapsed”-AP correspondent Kathy Matheson reports that when a four story brick property being demolished fell down, it crushed a one-story Salvation Army building next door. (5 Jun 2013)

<<CUT *173 (06/05/13)>> 00:14 “is completely collapsed”

GRAPHICSBANK: Rescue workers at site of BUILDING COLLAPSE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on texture with lettering, finished graphic (5 Jun 2013)

APPHOTO PX111: Rescue personnel search the scene of a building collapse on the edge of downtown Philadelphia Wednesday June 5, 2013. The four-story building being demolished collapsed, injuring 12 people and trapping two others, the fire commissioner said. Rescue crews were trying to extricate the two people who were trapped, city Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers said. The dozen people who were injured were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, he said. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Larma) (5 Jun 2013)

<<APPHOTO PX111 (06/05/13)>>

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