Topeka Tourism Alliance logo contest announced

The Topeka Tourism Alliance was formed ten years ago to promote tourism within Topeka.  As part of a rebranding effort, the Alliance is seeking to redesign and refresh its logo though a local artists contest.

The contest is seeking creative designs that figuratively say “Welcome to Topeka” as well as “Come visit, and Experience Topeka”

The contest is open to all artists 18 years and older and participants may submit multiple entries.  Entries must be submitted to  The contest deadline is Monday, July 1, by 5 p.m.

A winner will be announced in late July.  An award of $100 will be given to the artist whose design is selected.  In addition, they shall receive a one year complimentary membership in the Topeka Tourism Alliance and networking opportunities within the group.

The logo will be used on our website and in promotional materials to encourage residents and out of state visitors to Experience Topeka.

For more information about the Topeka Tourism Alliance and the logo contest, please contact Chair Andrea Burton at (785) 296-3966 or visit

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