Clear armor demonstration

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The company that makes it is “Clear Armor” and it specializes in laminates that mold right to your window.

The company held a demonstration friday at the Topeka Police Department,  showing how a simple laminate on a window can prevent so much damage. CEO of “Clear Armor” David Trudeau says, alarm systems work only after an intruder is inside, this prevents it from happening altogether.

” This is an in-expensive way to give you peace of mind that you have security on your building and that’s what we’re doing.”

Topeka police officers say, it could be very beneficial.

” We have a lot of property crimes in west command and that’s where I’m assigned..and those property crimes include, residential burglaries, business burglaries, we started looking around and stumbled across different products and this is one of them.”

It’s no thicker than twelve pieces of paper stacked on top of each other, but has the ability to protect your car and home from severe weather, burglary, bullets and fire.

The company is not only interested in working with the public and local police departments, but schools as well.

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