Skincare 101: Men’s skincare products

Simple skincare solutions aren’t always easy to find. Jeremiah Williams, fashion and style expert and executive editor at reviews three skin products for the man on-the-go.


Juara Skincare

Nothing to fancy about the packaging of the product, but the graphics on the front does give a note to the unique product inside. It may not the manliest of products to have in your shave bag, but it might be worth it for good skin.

The facemasks tested were each infused with ingredients that offer different effects based upon your skin type and need. The good thing is the product doesn’t have too much of a smell and isn’t a weird color. Pretty basic. Juara is 100% vegetarian and they don’t test on animals. The product does not contain artificial colorants, sulfates, or phthalates.

I did notice a few breakouts before the product really started to make my skin feel more hydrated. If you have oily skin I would recommend this product to you for sure.

If you are a fan of oil-based products then you will like the masks. I have masks that I love, but would use this mask again. Everyone’s skin is different. This product is for advanced skin care users who know how to use a rice wash, and how to support the mask’s work with a moisturizing and daily maintenance schedule.

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Turo Skin

The packaging is clean and simple. Just what guys like. The product is designed specifically for active men. The product is packaged in a narrow soft plastic that fits great in a gym bag.

The Regenerating Night Cream is small enough that it fits in your shave bag and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. Bonus!

The Starter Kit contains three products to help get some management of your skin. This product is dermatological tested for men’s skin. This product is best for very active men, or guys who work in harsh conditions. The product gets your face clean, but on my skin it got it a little too clean and dried out. Of all four of the products tested there are two products that really stood out. The 3-IN-1 cleansers and Night Cream. If you are a guy that spends a lot of time on the field, gym, or harsh conditions this is a product worth checking out.

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Who doesn’t love a coconut oil stick. Haven’t tried one yet?

The product is pretty self explanatory. It is a natural oil-based product in stick form that you can rub on your dry skin. Think of it as a lotion in stick form, and yes it is a little weird to rub as lotion stick on your skin.

But how does it work? Since this is an oil-based product don’t leave it any place that is warm. We recommend keeping it on your desk, nightstand or bathroom counter. This probably isn’t a product that you want to sit and rub all over your body for dry skin, but it is great for spot hydration.

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Jeremiah Williams is a fashion maven, stylist and writer. He explores topics ranging from men’s fashion and style to the culture and lifestyle of Indianapolis. He is a regular contributor to Pattern Magazine as well as executive editor for


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