Firework Sales in Riley County for 2013

The deadline to purchase a Retail Fireworks permit for the unincorporated areas of Riley County is fast approaching.

A permit is required to sell fireworks in the unincorporated areas (areas outside of any incorporated city) of Riley County. An organization, business or person must complete an application for the permit by June 25th, 2013.   The permit and associated fee will need to be submitted by 5pm, June 25th, 2013.   The cost for the permit is $25 and is not refundable.  Sales of fireworks are allowed in Riley County from 8am July 1 through Midnight July 4.

The permit can be obtained at the Riley County Fire District #1 Office, 115 N. 4th street Manhattan, Kansas 66502.

Some of the requirements to sell fireworks in Riley County:

Must purchase a permit for $25.00 from Riley County Fire District #1

  • Must provide the name and license of the Kansas Licensed Distributor where they purchased their fireworks
  • The sale of bottle rockets in the State of Kansas is illegal.
  • Must have 2 portable fire extinguishers with a minimum rating of 2A, 1 must be a pressurized water type. (Fireworks stands less than 200 feet only require 1 pressurized water extinguisher)
  • Must have signs that read “FIREWORKS – NO SMOKING” at each entrance or within 10 feet of every aisle
  • Must have an inspection performed by Riley County Fire District #1 on the first day of sales.

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