MIAA honors 120 Washburn student-athletes for work in the classroom

(KSNT Photo/Brian Dulle)

(Courtesy of Washburn Athletics)

Washburn had 120 student-athletes earn academic honors as the MIAA announced its yearly honor roll Monday afternoon.

All 120 student-athletes were named to the MIAA Academic Honor Roll in 2012-13 for carrying cumulative 3.00 GPAs through at least two semesters of attendance. Among those, 15 were named MIAA Scholar Athletes for having at least a 3.50 GPA and earning a spot on the all-MIAA team. Washburn also saw three freshmen earn perfect 4.00 GPAs to earn the MIAA Academic Excellence Award.

Women’s basketball senior Laura Kinderknecht earned second team Capital One Academic All-America for carrying a 3.86 GPA in mathematics during her four years. Kinderknecht was also named an All-American for her play on the court and she was voted the player of the year in the MIAA and in the region. Her award has now given Washburn an academic All-American in each of the last three years.

Washburn had three multi-sport athletes named to the honor roll. Women’s tennis and basketball player Casyn Buchman, baseball and football player Connor Crimmins and volleyball and women’s basketball player Sami McHenry were all named to the MIAA Academic Honor Roll. Buchman earned the MIAA Scholar Athlete award for earning all-MIAA honor as a tennis player.

MIAA Academic Excellence Award
(4.00 G.P.A. • 2 terms attendance)
Quimby, Marina  – Softball
Holle, Kirsten  – Women’s Tennis
Lowrey, Callie – Volleyball

MIAA Scholar Athletes
(3.50 G.P.A. • All-MIAA Honoree)
Kinderknecht, Laura – Basketball-W
Jones, Diedra – Softball
Lewis, Kelsey – Volleyball
Buchman, Casyn – Tennis-W
Hummert, Aaron – Football
Schlenker, Thilo – Tennis-M
Schulte, Sam – Golf-M
Buckley, Megan – Soccer-W
Kozaczuk, Arek – Tennis-M
Kopp, Jessica – Volleyball
Gentry, Taylor – Baseball
Chipman, Bobby – Basketball-M
Hughes, Hillary – Volleyball
Stovall, Tia – Soccer-W
Beetley, Caysie – Soccer-W

MIAA Academic Honor Roll
(3.00 G.P.A. • 2 terms attendance)
Alberts, Brad – Baseball
Ament, Brianna – Soccer-W
Anderson, Colton – Basketball-M
Banks, Nzingha – Tennis-W
Beetley, Caysie – Soccer-W
Bell, Kristen – Softball
Biesma, Mark – Baseball
Blackim, Jodie – Tennis-W
Boehm, Christian – Football
Bowser, Rianin – Soccer-W
Buchman, Casyn – Bball-W/Tennis-W
Buckley, Megan – Soccer-W
Buhler, Mitch – Football
Byrn, Lauren – Softball
Carlise, Jeremy – Football
Carnahan, Kyle – Baseball
Chipman, Bobby – Basketball-M
Clark, Jon – Football
Copeland, John – Football
Cox, Marissa – Volleyball
Crimmins, Connor – Football/Baseball
Dalton, Sean – Baseball
Dewery, Brit – Football
Doescher, Lara – Soccer-W
Dolsky, Justin – Football
Duncan, Kyle – Football
Eichoff, Sam – Football
Erickson, Shelby – Softball
Ewert, Kelsey – Soccer-W
Fancher, Mark – Football
Fey, Jessica – Volleyball
Florence, Bobby – Tennis-M
Franklin, Zach – Football
Frierdich, Hannah – Volleyball
Fuglister, Victoria – Soccer-W
Garetson, J.D. – Baseball
Garland, Leah – Softball
Gauntt, David – Baseball
Gentry, Taylor – Baseball
Gentry, Skyler – Softball
Gourley, Brad – Football
Hageman, Rachael – Tennis-W
Hansen, Rachel – Soccer-W
Harms, Valerie – Soccer-W
Hawkins, Terek – Football
Heiman, Cody – Football
Helt, Christopher – Tennis-M
Henry, Jared – Basketball-M
Holle, Kirsten – Tennis-W
Hooker, Carly – Soccer-W
Hughes, Hillary – Volleyball
Hummert, Aaron – Football
Jones, Diedra – Softball
Kenney, Calvin – Football
Kinderknecht, Laura – Basketball-W
Kirkhart, Amanda – Softball
Kopp, Jessica – Volleyball
Kozaczuk, Arek – Tennis-M
Lambert, Lindsey – Soccer-W
Laucht, Pascal – Tennis-M
Lewis, Kelsey – Volleyball
Linn, Jeremy – Football
Linn, Justin – Football
Littell, Jerame – Football
Long, Jacob – Tennis-M
Lowry, Callie – Volleyball
Luedke, Randy – Football
Lutz, Tyler – Football
Lynch, Brittmey – Basketball-W
Maasen, Rebecca – Volleyball
Macken, Ryan – Football
Marsteller, Haylee – Softball
Mason, Greg – Baseball
Mayhew, Taylor – Soccer-W
McHenry, Sami – VB/Basketball-W
McHenry, Ronnie – Golf-M
McMullin, Laura – Basketball-W
Miller, Kylie – Volleyball
Miller, Michael – Football
Mishkin, Jacob – Tennis-M
Mitchell, Jordan – Football
Moeller, Sierra – Basketball-W
Munoz-Poletti, Dario – Tennis-M
Nelson, Tyler – Tennis-M
Nikkel, Allyssa – Basketball-W
O’Neill, Sophie – Tennis-W
Oldham, Kayla – Softball
Petersen, Gracie – Volleyball
Pfannenstiel, Jamie – Volleyball
Pfau, Haley – Basketball-W
Piper, Joel – Football
Porter, Blake – Golf-M
Price, Riley – Baseball
Quimby, Marina – Softball
Ridley, Drew – Baseball
Riggins, Zack – Basketball-M
Schartz, Bailey – Tennis-W
Schlenker, Thilo – Tennis-M
Schroeder, Kathryn – Softball
Schulte, Sam – Golf-M
Seitz, Carlee – Soccer-W
Shepler, Gwendolyn – Tennis-W
Simons, Bryce – Basketball-M
Skinner, Whitney – Soccer-W
Soicher, Payton – Baseball
Sorrentino, Peter – Baseball
Specht, Sara – Soccer-W
Spicuglia, Anthony – Baseball
Stone, Jacob – Football
Stoothoff, John – Baseball
Stovall, Tia – Soccer-W
Talley, Leah – Soccer-W
Thimmesch, Lauren – Softball
Walker, Kurt – Golf-M
Walker, Corey – Football
Wellborn, Hank – Baseball
White, Claire – Volleyball
Wobig, Bailey – Soccer-W
Wooten, Shay – Football
Zordel, Alex – Softball

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