Product review: Importance of skin care

Recently I received some skin care products to review and reached out to some respected bloggers to test them out and give their feedback. This is part one in a summer-long series, featuring Heather Tallman of – Twinkle VanWinkle, LIN Lifestyle Expert

There are many things you do not think about when you are a young girl of 15.  Sure, I pored over each and every issue of Teen Beat and Seventeen each month in search of the latest and greatest skin and hair care techniques but when it came to caring for my skin-thinking of my future self-I never gave it much thought.

Recently I was asked to give five beauty products a test run for a few weeks. I admit, I was a bit skeptical since I had never heard of any of these brands. There may be a reason for that: I am a clearance endcap at Target kind of shopper. I simply do not research my facial skin care. After using these for a few weeks and loving my results I have already reordered one of the products (the last one). I am not sure I can go back to the way my face felt before!

Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner

One of the mistakes that people who have oily skin like me make is withholding moisturizers. The thought is that by NOT adding excess oils that skin will break out less.  Nothing could be further from the truth. You need that moisture. You do not want your thirsty pores to absorb excess oil and then clog up and form blemishes. I had avoided hydrating toners for this exact reason.

Little did I know that this particular Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner would help even out my dry spots, reduce the redness I have on my cheeks and calm some irritated areas on my forehead and chin. My one mistake was using too much initially. This is formulated to be used without a cotton ball.  I like that. There is no strong odor and has a delicate tea scent.  Not at all medicinal.

Pevonia Timeless Repair Serum

One thing I have been good about since having a bit of sun damage on my face checked for melanoma last year is treating my trouble zones with serums. Pevonia’s Timeless Repair has a light, sheer formulation that smooths skin, decreases the look (for me) of fine lines around my eyes and mouth area.  I used this 2-3 times a day for seven days.  I noticed a difference in my skins texture after two days.

My skin felt more firm, especially around my jaw area. That is one of my trouble spots where my skin just doesn’t have that ZIP any more. Best of all is that it decreased slightly a dark spot I have on my left cheek from the sun.  That in and of itself sold me on this serum. Plus, the light jasmine and lemon scent was a nice touch.

Pure Cosmetics Anti-Aging Cream

Ok. I am going to get real real with you all. I am a slightly thicker woman. I have lost, gained, lost, gained – you get the point.  My arms and chest area are soft to say the least. I used this Anti-Aging Creme from Pure Cosmetics in my decolletage area. Yes, I just used that word.

My skin is wrinkly in places from the big, small, big action so I knew that I was going to appreciate this creme. From the get-go I felt like I glowed.  I was dewey without feeling greasy, smooth without feeling slick and my skin was  soft. I can tell you with certainty that I have not experienced this with other moisturizers I have used there.  I will buy this again. I am looking forward to how my skin will look after I have a month of use.

MelanSol Suncreen

Sunscreen.  The bane of my existence.  I never used it before now I am afraid to go without it on my face, ears, hands, shoulders and shins. These are all of the places that I have had damage removed. The latest was on my hand. Just a bit was there but enough to scare the bejeezus out of me.

Do you know what I was doing to speed up the aging of my hands? I was getting shellac manicures every month for 2 years.  Do you know what those UV lights you stick your hands in due to your skin? Do you know how hard it was to make my favorite salon understand why I wanted sunscreen on my hands? Let me tell you it was no easy feat.  And they will not apply it for me.  I have to do it myself while carefully avoiding getting it in my nail area.  Oils and such will ruin the paint job you know! This lives in my purse now.  My nose, ears and hands thank me.

Dr Cynthia Bailey Vitamin C Anti-Aging Professional Treatment Serum

I saved this gem for last. Like I said earlier I avoided moisturizers because I thought they would make me break out.  Even worse, when I DO break out it is always in the same places! It never fails and what is left behind are tiny scars and dark spots. Well, not any more! This Vitamin C serum not only reduced my dark spots but also lessened the appearance of some scarring.

I also used it on one of my visible surgical scars to remove a bit of the residual redness. Worked like a charm! But here is what I loved the most, besides my smooth forehead: It went on with the silkiest feel. I have never felt anything like it.  Lightweight, almost dry. I can’t describe it. I can tell you that I went on live TV this week, filming outdoors in 80% humidity no less, and my skin had a glow that no bronzer could have given me.  My pores are smaller and my skin tone is more even that I ever remember it being.  I am hooked and I have already ordered more!

Disclaimer: I was provided with these samples and like everything that I review my opinions are my own.

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Heather Tallman is Basil Momma. She hosts a weekly cooking-themed radio show “Around the Kitchen Sink,” does product reviews as well as write about local dining, farmers markets, antiques and family fun events. Her work can be seen on her blog, the Indianapolis Star and The Friday Zone on Earth Eats.


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