Homeless woman found insane in LA pushing death

Betty Sugiyama

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A homeless Los Angeles woman has been found to have been legally insane when she pushed an 84-year-old woman from a train platform to her death.

A jury delivered its verdict Thursday after having earlier found Jackkqueline Pogue guilty of second-degree murder.

Experts testified during the sanity phase of the trial that the defendant has been severely mentally ill for most of her life.

Pogue’s lawyer says she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and released from a hospital three days before the incident in a commuter rail station. She says Pogue had not been taking her medication at the time.

The judge set a hearing for July 8 to hear recommendations on a treatment location.

The prosecutor says if Pogue is eventually returned to sanity she could be released from custody.

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