Boy Scout Troops evacuated in Colorado

Flames are visible at the base of the East Spanish Peak Thursday, June 20, 2013 in La Veta, Colo. Firefighters attacked dozens of blazes in Western states where hot and windy conditions persisted Thursday, including two blazes that forced hundreds of people out of their homes in Colorado. (AP Photo/The Pueblo Chieftain, Bryan Kelsen)

A wildfire has affected the Spanish Peaks Scout Reservation in Colorado causing over 180 people to evacuate in just twenty minutes.

Troop 165 of Emporia that consisted of 6 boys and 3 adults and Troop 139 of Burlington that consisted of 6 boys were among those forced to evacuate Wednesday night and stayed in a makeshift school overnight according to Jayhawk Area Council Scout Executive/CEO, Wayne Pancoast.

The troops were required to leave personal and troop gear behind and belongings are assumed to be a total loss.

Pancoast says he commends the staff for a safe evacuation.



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