Voices about Brazil’s protests

Some comments by Brazilians participating in protests across South America’s biggest country:


“The government is to blame for this mess because of the corruption and taxes. (President Dilma Rousseff’s) response hasn’t been appropriate at all — where is she?” – Inacio Pinheiro, 41, newsstand vendor in Sao Paulo.


“People are taking advantage of this situation to loot and vandalize. The police have responded in the only way they can when faced with such violence.” – Iron Pereira e Silva, 35, Sao Paulo taxi driver.


“Our politicians have drivers and all sorts of other comforts, but everyone who takes public transport knows it’s horrible. I take the subway and the bus everyday, and both are so crowded that sometimes I have to wait for 45 minutes to finally be able to get on. The situation is absurd.” – Viviane Jophilis, 27, university student protesting in Rio de Janeiro.


“My nephew is 12, and the whole family scrapes money together so we can pay for a private school for him, but it shouldn’t have to be like that. He should be able to get a quality education at a public school.” – Thiago de Oliveiro Albino, 26, radiology technician protesting in Rio de Janeiro.


“I support the movement but we can’t have this destruction. It’s cowardice. Dilma has been too slow to make the tough decisions a situation like this demands. She needs to call the army to protect sites during protests.” – Romoaldo Sousa, 55, beekeeper in Brasilia.

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