EU asks China for clarity on Xinjiang violence

This June 27, 2013 photo shows destroyed vehicles in front of a police station in Lukqun township, Xinjiang, China, a day after a violent rampage occurred. Violent incidents have spread over the past week in a tense minority region of western China, just days before the fourth anniversary of a bloody clash between minority Uighurs and the ethnic Han majority that left almost 200 people dead and resulted in a major security clampdown. (AP Photo/Kyodo News)

BEIJING (AP) — The EU’s ambassador to Beijing says China needs to release more information about recent incidents of ethnic violence in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.

Markus Ederer said Monday that the EU believes it is necessary to address underlying causes of tension between the region’s native Turkic Muslim Uighur people and China’s Han majority. He says the EU is concerned about the lack of transparency in official reporting about the causes and nature of the violence.

Chinese paramilitary troops have been ordered to conduct round-the-clock patrols in Xinjiang following bloody clashes that have killed at least 56 people over the last several months.

Areas where clashes have occurred have been sealed off and information about them has been tightly controlled. Beijing has mainly blamed the attacks on violent Muslim extremists.

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