Wamego preps for July 4th Celebration crowds

Crews are setting up for the brightest and loudest fireworks display in the Midwest.

Wamego is prepping for it’s big Fourth of July celebrations.

The chamber of commerce says it expects about 20,000 people to come into town for the parade and fireworks tomorrow.

Organizers say it takes a year to plan the big party.

They’ve been prepping for the 2013 celebration since July 5th of last year.

“Really starts around January 1, we work on contracting shells to come across the ocean and also American made shells that we look forward to putting in the show and those effects we custom order and set them in place. Each year we do a little tweaking and a little building on the show to try to make it just a little bit better,” Chris Hupe with the Wamego Pyro Crew said.

And it’s great chance to show off the local businesses downtown.

“”It is just a way of showing what they have available. And understandably maybe that day that you’ve got your family and you might not buy a lot but – but you can certainly show them who you are and meet them and introduce them and we want them to come back to our community when they have more time,” Wamego Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mary Lyn Barnett said.

The chamber says the event isn’t a money-making event for the community and it’s mainly volunteer-driven.

The fireworks in Wamego start at 10:00pm tomorrow.

For more information on the parade and other events taking place throughout the day – click here.

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