Fireworks explosion in Valley Falls sends two to hospital

fireworks explosion

Officials in Jefferson County say they know what went wrong at a fireworks show last night.

An explosion about 5 minutes into the show in Valley Falls severely burned two volunteers who are still in the hospital in Kansas City.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Valley Falls Police Department say that witnesses told them one of the fireworks didn’t fly high enough before exploding.

A hot ember landed in a bin holding fireworks, setting off a chain reaction.

Paul Heinen was there when it happened, he says he turned his back when he realized what was happening.

The fire department and an ambulance were standing by just in case something went wrong, and we’re told they had things under control in about 10 minutes.

Heinen was 1 of 3 people who were treated for injuries at the scene.

No spectators were hurt.

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