Shawnee County bridge replacement decision delayed

The decision to replace a bridge in Shawnee County has been delayed.

Shawnee County Commissioners deferred action today on a proposal to enter into a partnership with the Turnpike Authority to replace a bridge crossing the turnpike.

The estimated cost to the county for the project is around $450,000 and would connect Deer Creek and Lake Shawnee Bike Trails.

The deferral came after Commissioner Kevin Cook suggested he might be willing to support the project if enough money is available from two possible sources.

“This is something I am in favor of, is the trails themselves the problem always comes down to how you prioritize your spending in tight budget times, how much money is available and what are our commitments.”

Commissioners will take up the issue again when meeting next on July 18, 2013.

Also at today’s commission meeting, members voted to pay $70,000 to a bicyclist who was injured in an accident that killed another cyclist on a hill on the Lake Shawnee trail.

The payment settles a lawsuit filed in 2009 by Thomas Heikes.

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