Remains are exhumed in Boston Strangler case

PEABODY, Mass. (AP) — Boston police confirm that they’ve exhumed the remains of the man suspected of being the Boston Strangler.

Workers with shovels and a backhoe dug up the grave of Albert DeSalvo on Friday afternoon, and the medical examiner’s van left the Peabody cemetery afterward.

A spokesman for the Suffolk District Attorney’s office says DeSalvo’s casket will be taken to the medical examiner, where tissue or bone samples will be taken.

It’s part of a process that DA Dan Conley believes will tie DeSalvo to the death of Mary Sullivan, possibly the Strangler’s last victim. Already, DNA from Sullivan has been matched to a member of DeSalvo’s family.

Eleven women were killed in the Boston Strangler slayings in the 1960s. DeSalvo confessed, but later recanted and was never convicted in the slayings.

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