Health department telephone survey starts Monday

KHI News Service-

TOPEKA — The Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Monday will begin a statewide telephone survey that will run five weeks in an effort to gauge the public’s perception of the agency’s services and role.

KDHE officials said the 10-minute surveys would be based on random digit dialing of 1,000 Kansas adults using landline and cellular phones.

They said the results would be used to help develop an agency communications plan to be used along with its strategic plan in future health promotion efforts.

The survey also will ultimately support the agency’s application for national accreditation to the Public Health Accreditation Board, officials said.

“To the Kansans who are randomly selected for this survey, I thank you in advance for your participation. While State and local agencies are reviewing Kansas’ leading health indicators and the capacity to address them, it’s imperative we assess the public perception of KDHE’s role and outreach to ensure there is effective communication to all stakeholders,” said KDHE Secretary Dr. Robert Moser in a prepared statement. “Effectively communicating with Kansans about public health threats and wellness opportunities is crucial to improving health outcomes in our state.”

The KDHE Office of Communications is overseeing the project and the pending communications plan.

“It’s vitally important to our agency’s mission that program directors in our public health, environment and health care finance divisions are able to use the information to help inform their public outreach,” said KDHE Communications Director Miranda Steele. “Even health agencies at the local level in Kansas can take advantage of the resulting KDHE communications plan, as they, too, depend on the same data to guide and support their public outreach initiatives.”

The survey is underwritten by a federal grant to KDHE’s Center for Performance Management.

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