Beat the heat

Today will make the 12th day in a row of temperatures at or above 90º.  With this prolonged heatwave, our bodies may start to suffer from too much hot weather!  Here are some tips to keep cool and safe during this heat streak.

#1:  Drink water – even if you’re not thirsty.  Thirst is the first sign that you are dehydrated.

#2:  Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  These will dehydrate you.

#3:  Slow down.  Keep outdoor activities to a minimum or take it easy when outside in the heat.

#4:  Check on fido & kitty.  Make sure our pets have cool water and shade.

#5:  Beat the heat, check the backseat.  Make sure no one is left in the car…it gets way too hot inside!

#6:  Know your body.  If you start to feel light-headed or nauseous, get out of the sun and into the a/c!

Remember summer is meant for play and fun, but please do it safely!  We are tracking a brief cool-down for this weekend before more hot weather returns next week.

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