KDADS revokes license of Topeka Adult Care facility

TOPEKA – The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) is revoking the license of an adult care home in Topeka, the Topeka Community Healthcare Center, located at 1821 SE 21st Street in Topeka. For several years this facility, currently home to 55 residents, has struggled to meet state and federal performance standards.
In September, 2010 federal regulators designated the Topeka Community Healthcare Center a “Special Focus Facility.” Special Focus Facilities (SFFs) are subject to additional inspections each year and must meet specific minimum performance standards to graduate from the program.
KDADS staff worked with the nursing home and its corporate leadership to make improvements in the care provided to residents. However the facility has failed to achieve ongoing substantial compliance with health and safety requirements during the 32 months it has participated in the SFF program.
As a result, the federal Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is terminating this facility’s Medicare provider agreement; Kansas is terminating its Medicaid provider agreement and is revoking its license to operate as an adult care home.
Residents and their families were informed that they have 60 days after the date of the closure notice, July 12, 2013 to find other accommodations.
“KDADS is working with the ownership of Topeka Community Health Center to safely transition residents into other living arrangements,” KDADS Commissioner of Survey, Certification, and Credentialing Joe Ewert said. “Medicaid will continue to pay for resident care for 30 days after the termination occurs in order to assist transfer of these residents and an orderly closing of the facility.”

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