Stars react to nominations for 65th Emmy Awards

Stars react to the nominations for the 65th annual Emmy Awards, announced Thursday at television academy headquarters in Los Angeles:

β€” “It just goes to show you β€” good things happen to bad people.” β€” Jimmy Kimmel, on the four nominations for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

β€” “I think it’s a musical number. I can just see those dancing demons.” β€” Emmy telecast producer Ken Ehrlich on how to incorporate lead nominee “American Horror Story: Asylum” into the ceremony.

β€” “What’s so great about this thing is it’s going to bring us all back together. A little family reunion. So we get to come back together and celebrate the time we had together and the work that we did. It’s very exciting.” β€” Aaron Paul, who helped announce the nominees and discovered he was among them with another supporting-actor nod for “Breaking Bad,” which wrapped its final season.

β€” “To be watching an effective politician, although diabolical, he does get (things) done, so obviously it has to be a fiction.” β€” Kevin Spacey, nominated for his leading role as a congressional leader in “House of Cards.”

β€”” I loved playing Lana Winters more than I’ve loved playing any character I’ve ever played on television, and it feels like she got nominated and not me in a way. I know that sounds really hokey, but I feel really proud for her.” β€” Sarah Paulson, nominated for her work on “American Horror Story: Asylum.”

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