Bowyer spends off week hosting “Support Emporia” Charity Event

Bowyer at his golf outing at Emporia Municipal Golf Course.

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NASCAR driver and Emporia native Clint Bowyer spends his off week every year hosting the “Support Emporia” Charity even in his hometown. Last year Bowyer’s event made over $350,000 going right back into the city of 25,000.

“Here’s the thing, at the end of the night, I look over at my brother, and I say, ‘surely we didn’t make any money did we?’,” Bowyer said.  “He’s like we made a lot of money, and it’s always towards such a good cause. We have a committee. They take requests all year long, and we put the money together, and we put it to good use. That’s the neatest thing about this. We all do charities in professional sports, and when it came time for me to do one, I really looked at my hometown and saw a lot of needs starting with children first and foremost. I’m just so proud of everything we’ve accomplished over the last six years.”

Not a lot of athletes or celebrities make it a point to go back and support the towns they grew up in, but Bowyer sees it differently.

“It’s just fun. You know this is where I’m from,” Bowyer said. “The following when I win a race, or do well in Nascar, it’s just so cool to come back here, because everybody follows. Everybody is like Man, that was so cool. We were watching and hooting and hollering, and screaming at the television. That’s what you do this for. That’s what you live for, and I’m very proud to be from Emporia.”

Bowyer is currently second in the Nascar Sprint Cup Standings heading into the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway next week.

“We haven’t won a race, but aside from winning we’re exactly where we need to be rolling into the chase,” Bowyer said. “The thing that you need to do is hit that chase in stride, and I feel like we’re doing that. I feel like we’re exactly where we need to be. We need to start winning some races, but I’d just as soon win those races in the chase, and compete for a championship.”

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