Overland Park resident claims $1 million Powerball prize

TOPEKA, KAN. – An Overland Park resident received life-changing news after checking his Powerball ticket yesterday afternoon.  The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, matched the first five numbers in the July 27 Powerball drawing and won a $1 million cash prize!

The winning numbers in the July 27 drawing were 9-23-40-53-58 Powerball 6.  The winner’s winning numbers were 9-23-40-53-58 Powerball 30.  Although he missed winning a Powerball jackpot worth $196 million, the Overland Park resident is overjoyed with his win.

“I’ve never been a greedy person and I’m very thankful for what I’ve won,” said the winner.  “I’m not quitting my job or anything like that, but this is life-changing for me and my family.  Now we can pay off our house, student loans and live debt free.”

The winner discovered he was holding the $1 million winning ticket when he stopped to get gas at a local convenience store.

“Before I pumped my gas, I went inside the store to check my ticket,” explained the winner.  “When I scanned it the Check-a-Ticket machine read, ‘Redeem at Lottery.’  I had never seen that message before, so I asked a store clerk to check it for me.  After she scanned the ticket and got the same message, she printed me a copy of the winning numbers so I could see how many numbers I had matched.  When I saw that I had matched the first five numbers, I ran out of the store and went home.”

According to the winner, he was whooping and hollering all the way home.

“People probably thought I was crazy,” said the winner.  “When I told my wife how much I had won, she didn’t believe me until I promised her I wasn’t joking.  After we settled down from all the excitement, I remembered I had forgotten to get gas.  I went back to the store where I checked my ticket and the same store clerks were still there and they asked me how much I had won.  When I told them, they gave me high-fives and said they knew it must have been big since I had left in such a hurry.”

The winner and his wife, who have five children, plan to “pay it forward” with their win by sponsoring a youth baseball and basketball team.  They also plan to help their parents financially and take a trip to Disneyland this Christmas.

The winning ticket was purchased at QuikTrip 210, located at 10700 Roe Ave. in Overland Park.

The Powerball jackpot for tonight’s drawing is an estimated $235 million with a cash option of $136.5 million.

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