Flood waters cause problems in Lyonn Co.

Flood waters are still causing problems and a spectacle near Emporia.

The Cottonwood River topped its banks a few days ago and now has inundated a city park on the south side of Emporia.

It has also forced K-DOT to close a three mile stretch of K-99 south of the city.

The highway has been closed since Saturday morning and K-DOT has extended the closure until the 8th.

The National Weather Service has extended a flood warning until the 8th as well.

Lyon County Emergency Coordinator Rick Frevert says once the water is off the roads, crews will have to check them for erosion damage.

“One of our roads, in the last foot drop in the last 24 hours is showing damage, said Frevert.  It’s pretty much a waiting game until the river is out of flood stage so we can see how much damage we have.”

The Neosho River at Neosho Rapids, 10 miles east of Emporia crested this afternoon.

The Cottonwood River is expected to do the same by Tomorrow morning, barring any major rain storms.

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