K-State Football Media Day

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(Courtesy: K-State Athletics)

Head Coach Bill Snyder
On what have you in seen in the players that they haven’t taken anything for granted…

“Well, it really is too early to expand on that. I’d like to think that we are not, that the young guys aren’t, and I don’t think they have collectively given me a particular reason to believe they have taken the upcoming season or their performance, their preparation for granted but you know the best way to define that will be after we have been given a chance on the field and compete to see whether that’s the case. I think maybe as far as spring was concerned I don’t know that was a major issue. As far as the summer is concerned, that part kind of remains to be seen. We have been on the practice field now three times and it’s not all everything we’d like it to be, but I haven’t seen that particular dynamic come forward yet.”


On Jake Waters and Daniel Sams this summer…

“All I can assess are the three practices that we’ve had and the meetings that we’ve had and I really probably will not be able to tell you anything differently then what we did out of spring practice. What I’ve seen has just been a carry over; I think both of them are being very competitive, I think both are working diligently, their work habits are extremely good. I think they are studying the system because that’s a big part of it. I think both of them are attempting to provide quality leadership, that’s part of it as well. They help each other as far as gaining pure understanding of what our offense is really all about; the strengths and the weaknesses and how to make the right decisions. It doesn’t mean they are not playing at this point and time, that is totally up to the standards we would like but they are making headway. I don’t think they have stopped improving; have a good day have a bad day, but I appreciate the competitiveness of it and also the fact that they are providing quality leadership. They are helping each other and showing a tremendous amount of unselfishness.”


On the front seven and newcomers on defense…

“The challenges are evident. But I think it’s our front four, as I said in the spring and as I will say now, I think those will become or have become the most competitive segment of our program right now, or our defense. And I do feel that we have enough young people. Let me talk about competition. I’m talking about genuine competition where you got two maybe three guys competing for the same spot and that really is competitive, not just saying ‘this guy is number one and the other guy is number two,’ that’s not what I’m saying, that either one could be in the number one spot. You have to open practice with someone on the field to take the snap whether it’s defensive line, quarterback or anything else, but I think across the front (defensive end, interior defensive linemen) I think we are extremely competitive and we could draw maybe from 10 names the starting four in those positions.”


On if he has changed his approach to coaching quarterbacks…

“The approach is not any different and probably when I was much younger I may have done a ladder that says ‘this guy should be it and somebody else comes on’ but I reserve that for the right time; I need more information to be able to make that decision. I think sometimes you kind of have a sensitivity to who you think might ought of be guy that sometimes perhaps clouds your judgment ad doesn’t allow you to give a fair assessment to however many competitors you have at that particular spot so I think it’s best to reserve for the right time, and it’s not here yet.”


On how much it helps the quarterback to pay attention and improve when he knows he has competition for the top spot…

“It probably depends on the two, three, x-number of guys that are competing. A lot of feelings and a lot of people and I don’t argue the point, you say ‘pick the guy,’ so you got one guy and he’s out there and he’s your leader and everybody knows who they’re gonna get, and problem with that you may pick the wrong guy and the other part of it is all players they’re pretty astute about certain positions and you want to make the decisions for the right reasons so that everybody understands. Fairness is a big part of athletics and it’s a big part of a program. And the only way to be totally fair with young people in their program is whoever is best is on the field, and whoever is second best is the second guy on the field, so on down the road. And if it’s competitive enough and you make that decision of more rapidly that you should, it puts players in a position to be able to question some things you do, that’s the last thing you want is players questioning what you’re doing to the program you want them to be well invested in them. As long as they know that it’s always gonna be fair then they buy in.”


On his thoughts on what has been created in your time here…

“In all honestly I walk out on the field and wonder how we’re going to get better today. You hear me say it time and time again and I don’t have any other thoughts. Part of that is from a leadership role everybody has to set an example and I need to set the example. We ask an awful lot of our young people in our program and part of that is our diligent focus, discipline it takes to be totally focused throughout however long you have on the practice field or in your meetings or whatever you’re doing, and if I get caught daydreaming then I’m not setting the example, and I have no right to ask our players to do exactly that. When I retired I thought a little bit about it and when I retire again I’ll think about it again.”

Junior Offensive Linemen B.J. Finney

On improvements of Cornelius Lucas…

“Cornelius has made huge strides in his game. I am so proud of him. He saw the opportunity to grab everything that he wanted. He turned the corner in his game, and I happy that he did that.”

On keeping team focused on the season…

“We have to realize that this is a different team from last year, and the guys on this team know that. We do not have all the same guys back. What we have to do is improve everyday and to work to keep the success going that we have had. A lot of guys have bought into that.”

On being picked sixth in media polls…

“I would not say it is disrespect. This is a very tough conference. We are very even throughout all the teams. We cannot fall asleep on any of these teams, obviously. Look at us last year at the Baylor game. We took it for granted, and we got beat bad. The difference between first and sixth could be a penalty in a game or just little things. We just have to make sure we do the little things right to give us a good opportunity.”

Senior Defensive Back Ty Zimmerman

On the competitions at cornerback…
“The guys that came on in the spring – Kip Daily, Morgan Burns, Dorrian Roberts and Carl Miles – all of those guys are competing. That is what we need at those positions where we lost some guys. We need that competition to bring out the best play in everybody.”

On the potential of a committee at cornerback…
I think that the true starters will emerge here in the next couple of weeks. We are going to have a scrimmage or two when we get the full pads on. Guys will start developing and break out, but until then, it will be pretty close.”

On his personal goals…
I just want to approach this season like I always have here. I want to do anything that I can to help out this team and help us win, whether that is on special teams or doing my defensive role. I want to step up and be more of a vocal leader this year. With the guys that we lost – we lost some great leadership last year – we need to get the younger guys up and adjusted to the system.”


Junior Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

On taking a greater role as a captain…
“At some point, yes, I think I would have to, but as of right now, I feel like I just need to keep doing what I have been doing. We lost Collin (Klein), so people like Ty Zimmerman, Tramaine Thompson, B.J. Finney, and just a lot of other people are going to have to take over that leadership role. I think we still have some things that we need to work out, but by the end of camp, I think we will be good to go.”

On his type of leadership
“I just try to come out here and do what I need to do. I do not really talk, but if I have to, I will end up talking. I do not want to be the person that ends up talking every time. I want to be that type of person when I say something, they are able to hear me and can tell that the words match my actions when I am out here on the field.”

Senior Linebacker Tre Walker

On his return from injury…

“After the first practice, it was really tough. I just had to sit down and realize what God has brought me through. Just coming back and be where I am, I am really blessed.”

On the new faces on defense…
“Those are great athletes. They are going to do some good things for us. They are going to come out and make some plays for us this year.”

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