Films featuring Karen Black

NEW YORK (AP) — Among films that featured actress Karen Black:

“You’re a Big Boy Now,” 1959.

“Hard Contract,” 1966.

“Easy Rider,” 1969.

“Five Easy Pieces,” 1970.

“Drive, He Said,” 1971.

“Little Laura and Big John,” 1972.

“Portnoy’s Complaint,” 1972.

“The Great Gatsby,” 1974.

“Airport 1975,” 1974.

“The Day of the Locust,” 1975.

“Nashville,” 1975.

“Burnt Offerings,” 1976.

“Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” 1982.

“Caged Fear,” 1992.

“Starstruck,” 1994.

“Dogtown,” 1996.

“Fallen Arches,” 1997.

“Sugar: The Fall of the West,” 1998.

“House of 1000 Corpses,” 2003.

“Firecracker,” 2005.

“Contamination,” 2007.

“Vacationland,” 2012.

“She Loves Me Not,” (completed) 2013.

“The Being Experience,” (in post-production) 2013.

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