Suspected explosive device thrown into South East Topeka apartment window

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TOPEKA, KS — An explosive start in one Topeka neighborhood Saturday, someone threw an explosive device into an apartment window.

One man Kansas First News spoke with says he got suspicious when a man wearing a ski mask and a hoodie walked past his kids.

“I saw him punch through the front window and then he had a stick of dynamite or something with a long stem on it and he lit it and he threw it in there and it just went ‘boom’ real loud and there were people in the house too,” said witness, Christopher Fraizer.

According to Topeka Police Chief, Ron Miller, at about 9 Saturday morning, in the 300 block of South East Lime street, a suspect broke a window and threw in an explosive device, that police describe as like a firework, while someone was inside.

Christopher Frazier was outside playing with his children when he says a man wearing a hoodie and ski mask walked by.

“I kinda got scared and thought he was coming after me for a minute. Like I said, I grabbed my kids and he walked on around them and calmly walked through the window and stuck his hand through there and threw the stick of dynamite through there, and ran off toward that way,” said Fraizer.

While no one was injured in the explosion, residents of the Timberlee Apartments say the violence in their neighborhood is too much and they are fed up.

“It concerns me everyday. It’s like I said, I’ve got three little ones, but my other one, she she’d rather not be out here, cause I don’t want to be out here no more,” said Sharina Mitchell, resident.

The rash of crime in the neighborhood has some residents even looking to move away, even feeling abandoned.

“What’s the point of really being concerned when no one’s really going to do anything about it. That’s the point I’ve got to, I mean I’m always going to care about my kids safety, but at the same time, no body else cares, so there’s no point of me staying out here,” said Mitchell.

We tried to talk to the woman inside of the apartment, but no one answered the door.
Police say they do not have any ideas of who the suspect could be, and one officer on duty tells Kansas First News there is not an active search for a suspect.

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