Silver Lake High School opens school bank

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SILVER LAKE, KS — Students at Silver Lake High School now have a bank on campus. The Golden Eagle Bank opened Friday morning, and students were able to make deposits and withdraw money from their accounts. The bank is sponsored by Silver Lake Bank.

“Very exciting, yes. I’m looking forward to it,” said Morgan Athon.

Morgan Athon is a Silver Lake senior, she is also president of the Golden Eagle Bank, a student run bank at the high school.

“It gives the students who enroll in the banking class some real world experience at running a business. We are a business. we’re out to get customers and make money just like any other bank or any other business,” said Loren Ziegler, business teacher.

After about a year of preparation,  the Golden Eagle Bank at Silver Lake High School is officially up and running. The bank is a fully functioning financial center with business class students running the show.
Students can open up an account and deposit, and withdraw money. The only thing the bank can not do, is give out a loan.

“I think its a really good experience for students involved, they get to manage their own money, and us as workers we get to help them do that. And I think that will be a really good experience for everyone involved,” said Athon.

Students began training about a week before school started. And student employees of the bank say working there will really help them with their future.

“Money management. I think that will be a big part. Especially for college,” said Ashlyn Lane, Vice President of the Golden Eagle Bank.

Faculty says if the bank is as successful, they will start a school store, also run by students.

The bank opens every morning from 7:30 to about 8:20 and every other day during lunch.

Washburn Rural also has a student run bank, and they helped Silver Lake get the Golden Eagle Bank started.

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