Once in a Blue Moon?

Look up at the full moon tonight and you will see an extra special sight!  It’s a blue moon!  No, the moon will not actually be blue…but by definition, the full moon tonight classifies as a blue moon.

There are two definitions for a blue moon.  The first, and most popular, is that a blue moon is the 2nd full moon in 1 month.  However, there is a different definition that goes back even further.  The 2nd definition states: when there are 4 full moons in 1 season, the 3rd full moon is called the blue moon.

Our full moon tonight will be the 3rd of 4 full moons this summer season making it the blue moon.  Take a look:

Summer season:  June 21st – September 22nd

1st full moon:  Jun. 23rd

2nd full moon:  Jul. 22nd

3rd full moon:  Aug. 20th (BLUE MOON)

4th full moon:  Sept. 19th

Something neat to see, and of course, these happen once in a blue moon.

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