Angry Chinese bus driver hits and injures 27

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese bus driver angry over being punished by his company drove a bus into a pack of bicyclists and motorcyclists on Wednesday, injuring 27 people, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

The bus driver — identified only by his surname Li — had been fined 200 yuan ($32) by his company for exceeding the speed limit in July and put on leave after he refused to write a self-criticism letter, Xinhua said.

The upset driver went to a maintenance shop without the knowledge of his company and took an empty bus which he plowed into the people in the southern Chinese city of Shunde in Guangdong province, according to the state-run China News service.

Xinhua said Li slammed into one motorbike, 10 mopeds and five bicycles. Of the injured, two were in serious condition, it said.

Li was detained by police on charges of endangering public safety, Xinhua said.

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