Who Does Not Wear a Mask? now open

Works from the Mulvane Art Museum’s permanent collection, “Who Does Not Wear a Mask?” is now open, two days ahead of schedule.

The exhibition showcases a mixture of mediums with a bevy of subjects including:  A clown, a psychologist, a tattooed woman, a samurai, an actor, a poet, a bride & groom, a demi-god, a mummy, a fertility doll, a blue collar worker, musicians, superheroes, prisoners, athletes, professors, criminals, the elderly, the under    privileged, and of course… artist’s self-portraits, all touching upon our abilities to disguise who we really are.

Works by local and well-known artists include: Andy Warhol, Georges Rouault, Leonard Baskin, Romare Bearden, Robert Lostutter, Roger Shimomura, Raphael Soyer, Elmer Tomasch, German Expressionists Max Beckman & Erich Heckel, regional artist Philomene Bennett, along with Topeka artists Dan Billen & Washburn University emeritus professor Ed Navone.

The Mulvane Art Museum is located at 17th and Jewell Streets on the campus of Washburn University.

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