La. community is ‘a ghost town’ a year after Isaac

BRAITHWAITE, La. (AP) — Isaac barely had hurricane-strength winds when it blew ashore a year ago, but its effects are still apparent in coastal Louisiana where thousands of homes flooded.

After landfall on Aug 28, 2012, Isaac stalled, dumping more than a foot of rain and churning a monstrous storm surge.

In the end, it was blamed for seven deaths. In Plaquemines Parish, one of the hardest hit areas, officials say damage to homes and businesses has been estimated at more than $100 million.

Two of the deaths from Isaac were in Braithwaite, La., a small community along the Mississippi River near New Orleans that has been all but abandoned since the storm.

The storm left many residents facing prohibitive increases to flood insurance premiums if they choose to move back. Some have spent insurance payouts on houses elsewhere and have asked that their homes in Braithwaite be demolished. Others are biding their time.

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