Congresswoman Jenkins opposes US military action in Syria

TOPEKA – Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins released the following statement calling on President Obama to refrain from using U.S. Military action in Syria:

“While the recent chemical attack on Syrian citizens is an atrocious crime, it is still unclear who is on the other side of this conflict.  As such, I am opposed to the United States entering into military action in Syria.  The United States of America cannot continue to act as the world’s police force in areas of the world where our help is not wanted.  Even if opposition forces are willing to enter into a marriage of convenience in the short term, given what we know, we cannot and must not choose sides in this conflict and send America’s blood and treasure fighting on behalf of elements infected with Al Qaeda who do not like us, do not share our values, and mean to do us harm in the long term.

“As there is no immediate threat to our homeland, President Obama owes the American people the opportunity to have their voices heard as he brings this issue before Congress and seeks its approval.  I stand ready to return to Washington at a moment’s notice to debate this issue and will be signing a letter to the President asking that he get consent from Congress as prescribed in the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973. While I will stand opposed to this military action, many will favor intervention, but a public debate must be had.”

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