Topeka church gets a few extra days in the Abbott Community Center

TOPEKA, KS — We first introduced you to the Shekinah Glory Church earlier this week.

Because of county budget cuts to Parks and Recreation, all groups that took up residence in the Juan “Poppy” Abbott Community Center have been told to leave. Shekinah Glory was one of those groups.

Nicolette Schleisman explains how the church got a little bit of good news this week.

Earlier this week, Shekinah Glory Church’s Senior Pastor,  Samuel Abbott, thought Sunday would be his last sermon in the community center his church has called home for the past two years.

“I’ve been upset, I’ve been frustrated, I’ve been sad, I’ve actually cried a time or two because of the time and effort and all the things we’ve done here,” said Abbott.

But, thanks to what Abbott calls his persistence, Shawnee County has allowed them to stay in the community center for at least another two weeks.

“Kind of frustrated with how everything’s gone down, however, I’m looking towards our future and we have a big and bright future,” said Abbott.

Abbott says since the days are numbered, he is searching for ways to stay in the building, before he has to find another place to preach.
But he and his pastors say they are not going to let the unknown bring their spirits down.

“Even though it looks like we will be without a place or outside, we know that we still will be together and even stronger,” said Pastor Starr Williams.

Deletha Kelley has been a member of the church for three and a half years.

“This building doesn’t make our church. We are Shekinah and we will continue to be Shekinah,” said Kelley.

They are just happy they don’t have to close their doors just yet.

“Just keep hope alive,” said Abbott.

Wednesday, the county will be holding a public meeting at the Abbott Community Center. Residents and members of area neighborhood associations are invited to the center at 6:00 p.m. Abbott says he is planning on submitting a request so his church can stay in that space.

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